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Almost 95% of Facebook users log into their account daily! 52% marketers have found business through Facebook and 43% of them have found business using LinkedIn.
We help you take advantage of the social media
wave and drive qualified leads
Social media isn’t only about Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. There are hundreds of other sites that continue to impact business. Our job it is to identify social media platforms relevant to your niche and create your presence there. We audit your social media presence, design ways to optimize your business and make it easy for you to take advantage of the social media wave and drive visitors to the site. If you are using our Orlando SEO company for other digital marketing services we will integrate your social media with other digital assist.

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Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram & Google Plus...
Nearly every marketer worth his salt acknowledges the importance of social media, but only few manage to taste success. They either not on the same page as their audience or not consistent in their efforts. Another common reason for failure is a lack of understanding of how different social media outlets work.

Facebook may be popular, but it need not fit your business. Most of them end up shouting (and that too at the wrong platforms) about their business without actually wanting to hear what their audience has to say.

At Effectus360, we take time and effort to understand the client’s business and the company’s core values. Once these values and principles are identified, planning a social media strategy becomes easy because every little strategy is planned around these values. For instance, if a company engages in fair trade products, we share content that’s related to the ethical treatment of workers.

Social Media Audit
What is your social media presence? Have you chosen the right platforms? Are you sure that your social media budget is well spent? Do you plan to spend on social media but do not know where to start? We analyze your web presence and outline strategies for an effective social media presence. Our marketing experts identify sites that are most relevant to your business. Contact us today for a social media audit!

Competition Analysis
What’s your business competitor’s presence in the social media circles? What can you learn from his/her strategies? We study all of this and help you maintain a competitive edge over others.
Social Profile Creation
Not just company profiles, but we also create individual profiles of key members in your company. These profile pages are optimized to engage viewers and direct them towards your website.

Nothing is automated- every job is done manually by our team. We don’t believe in cookie cutter processing- you can be sure that your profile will be unique and unlike your competition.

Profile Customization
Google+ page setup, Facebook fan page setup, Twitter account setup, Pinterest account creation, Instagram account creative, creating customized background, designing quotographics and updates, etc. we do it all. All of this is done manually by our in-house team. You can leave the complete social media branding job to us and concentrate on what you know best- managing your business.
Social Media Content
Do you have the time and energy to share Facebook and Google+ updates, write tweets or post pictures and videos on Pinterest and YouTube every day? We’ll do it for you! Our team of social media content writers can create socially engaging content relevant to your business. This team regularly tracks progress in your industry and can track current trends, relevant keywords and respond to positive and negative comments about your business.

We create content that is irresistible to comments, shares and likes. You don’t have to beg readers to share it or like it- your fan base will do it for you. Our content cuts through the blah blah and makes sense.

Reputation Tracking
A bad review on social media sites can become potentially embarrassing and can even kill business. Our team tracks your business name and key profile names in the social media circuit. You can either choose to take action yourself or we’ll do it for you by responding to negative and positive reviews.

Want to know what we can do for you? Speak to one of our team members and let’s see what we can do to make your business a success online.