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Our PPC campaign will help you generate targeted traffic that converts to sales and get your business ahead of your competitors in no time.
Stop Losing Business to Your Competitors…
Statistics have revealed that PPC fetch more than 64% of high commercial intent clicks. This shows that people with a definite intention to purchase chose sponsored ads. Companies who’re already ranked organically add a PPC campaign to their marketing effort experience a surge in traffic by almost 89%.

Pay Per Click when used properly with our Orlando SEO services can yield very high results and push your website to the top of the search results for your targeted keywords. But when done haphazardly, you may end up losing your entire ad spending. This is where Effectus360 comes into the picture!

Let’s Help You Dominate Search Engines With Our FREE PPC Consultation

We want to contribute to the growth of your business online and improve sales & ROI
We offer a full service program that includes creating customized PPC strategies, picking up appropriate keywords, creating a powerful ad copy, creating an optimized landing page, tracking results and measuring the impact of a campaign. Our job it is to maximize ROI for your PPC campaign.

Every PPC campaign involves countless brainstorming sessions where we understand the nature of the client’s business, study about competing companies, analyze technical data, decide on the target audience and then come up with a clear strategy.

Why Choose Us Over Other
Orlando PPC Companies
We’ve managed to stay ahead in the business of paid search advertising thanks to our focus on providing top notch services. In fact, a large percentage of our clients are repeat clients who trust us blindly. Some of the reasons to choose us include:
Open Channel of Communication
Clients are consulted in every step of the process. Right from keyword selection to strategy planning and ad copy writing, the client is informed about everything, leaving no scope for unpleasant surprises.
Reduce CPC Spending
With proper testing and through effective bid management, it is possible to reduce CPC spending without affecting conversion rates.
Focused Keyword Research
Broad and generic keywords may help to generate traffic but only specific long tailed keywords manage to bring in results. This includes targeting audiences geographically, i.e. either by state or locality.
Expert & Experienced staff
Together with our CEO who is a top PPC consultant in Orlando, FL with over 15 years’ experience, our team will work committedly with you in making your site ranking a success.
Our Strategy & Process

Analyzing the Client’s Business

For any PPC campaign to be successful, it is important to understand your business and know more about the target audience. This allows us to look for high performing keywords that help in better conversions.

Keyword Research

We employ a dedicated team that specializes in identifying well researched keywords that target towards your products/services. Our Orlando Digital Marketing experts spend hours to know your target audience- how they search, what they search, where they search, what is their typical age group, what language they speak, etc. Sometimes, a simple change in vocabulary can make an impact on a campaign.

Creating Ad copy

Compelling adverts with a strong call to action is created to maximize click through potential and thereby influencing conversion rates. Optimizing your ads ensures that they stand out from the crowd.

Landing Page

A carefully chosen and well optimized landing page can help to cut down your CPC spending whilst encouraging conversion rates. Our web designers make sure that the ad takes users to a page that matches exactly to the promise made in the advert. Thus, if the ad promises a 50% discount on a product, 50% discount it is- nothing more, nothing less.


Pay per click campaigns that aren’t monitored regularly can take an ugly turn and you may end up losing your entire CPC budget. We ensure that tracking is set up and there’s ample aid to track conversions. This also helps to refine PPC strategies and fine tune the campaign until the desired results are achieved. Sometimes, a minor adjustment on the click through can bring about a drastic change in the overall campaign.


A regular analysis of the campaign helps to track the ROI and measure performance. We send a detailed report that includes information about keyword cost, conversion rate, etc. This is then discussed in detail and questions if any are answered.

Effectus360 can help you maximize ROI for your PPC campaign