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If you operate a small business you’ve probably tried to search for yourself on Google. What did you find? Was it what you were hoping for? Do you know exactly how much website traffic you’re getting from search engines? If not, this is where professional SEO services can help.

A common misconception is that Google should already know how to position your small business in their search results. The fact is, without the appropriate signals this simply won’t happen. SEO requires a continuous implementation strategy if you want to acquire and maintain search engine traffic. Search engines like Google are looking at over 200 variables in order to determine what web pages should show up for different searches. If you’re not creating these signals, there’s little chance you can compete.


Before we start any campaign, we get to know your small business and the audience you want to target. This way we customize our approach to match your business needs.


We’ll help create the signals that search engines use to weigh the popularity of a website and its content. Our team will promote your content in the appropriate channels across the web, leading to more exposure and search visibility.


Each and every month we’re analyzing the effectiveness of your campaign. This includes reviewing rankings, traffic and conversions. Allowing us to make adjustments to meet your goals.

With a comprehensive search optimization & marketing strategy, your website will perform better in search results and rank higher, leading to more visitors. Once visitors are on your site, the optimized content and attractive design will turn those visitors into leads and sales.

At Effectus360, we look at your entire online presence from multiple angles to achieve greater success. We:

  • Analyze top-ranking competitor sites, study their inbound links, and employ strategies to compete more successfully with them
  • Analyze landing pages to determine how targeted a specific page is for a given keyword and track results of your visitor behavior
  • Identify how many domains are linking to your website and find link acquisition targets to improve your rankings
  • Discover the strongest pages on your site, make them stronger, and build up the weaker pages on your site
  • Create pay per click campaigns to drive qualified traffic and grow your sales
  • Assess on-page optimization for more traffic and sales

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SEO consulting is seeking expert opinions for the analysis and review of websites, and the incoming links to get help on how to earn more natural search engine traffic, ranking, and sales. As a local SEO Agency, we treat all businesses differently for to achieve your goals.

What do you need for SEO success?

A digital marketing consultation team that understands your business is invaluable. Factors like keyword research are essential in online marketing but, your marketers should know the keywords your business ranks for. As a SEO agency in Jacksonville, we take your business into account even before we propose a marketing model.

Our SEO services process has five important steps:

  1. Site analysis and thorough business evaluation
  2. Development of strategies and setting goals
  3. Setting up process which involves the implementation of different SEO tools befitting your business
  4. Execution of different SEO practices
  5. Continuous optimization for the continuous success of your business

With that out of the way, let’s get deep into the optimization process. Wouldn’t you like to know what your prospective SEO company in Jacksonville will use to market your business successfully and to yield lasting results?

Well, then, here are our best SEO practices and tips necessary for the success of your digital marketing strategies

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What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

How do you maximize the visibility of your business online? Do you have the right people and tools to boost your online marketing strategies? Will your team build sustainable future for your website?

Whether you have been in business for decades or you are just getting started, your company will do immensely well with an online presence.

While setting up a website and having a social media presence set the pace for your business, you will be crawling slower than a snail without implementing SEO strategies that could propel your business.

Search engine optimization, better known as SEO refers to the process of increasing your website’s ranking in the search engine results. The improved ranking subsequently leads to high quality traffic and more revenue for your business.

But, here is a catch, for the immense benefits promised after implementation of the best SEO practices, you have to find the right team on board. You’ve got to work with a poised digital marketing team that has the right tools, knowledge and SEO techniques that will ensure you have higher search engine rankings, high-quality traffic, as well as measurable results.

What is local SEO?

Local marketing and eCommerce SEO techniques are essential elements of on-page SEO and they also help you generate leads faster. It is the most effective way for you to market your business online but within Jacksonville. Through Local SEO, you can market to your local customers when they are looking for specific products or services within their neighborhoods.

It is through local SEO services that we have businesses on Google, as well as the business directories like FourSquare, Yelp, Google My Business, or Yellowbook. These sites have localized content for your business, but, you need specific local SEO marketing strategies to appear on these pages.

Why is Local SEO invaluable?

If you are looking for a market for your products or services within Jacksonville, isn’t it reasonable to say that you immediate, and perhaps the largest market is in your neighborhood and the state? Before other states learn about your products/ services, your locale will have spoken about it, isn’t it? That is the essence of local SEO.

There is a catch though – you need SEO techniques that will work for the local market for your potential customers to learn about you.

It is also noteworthy to mention that local maps that appear on Google Maps play a big role in local SEO.

The most effective local SEO tips:

  • Ensure that your business has a physical address in the area/ town you are targeting
  • Utilize Google My Business. When developing Google My Business, you should ensure that you give accurate and relevant information. The business should be owner-verified, and you should include the exact location of the town you are targeting. Finally, ensure that the primary category of business is consistent with your products in the broader category.
  • Match the NAP in your website to the NAP on Google My Business (GMB) to appear in the local search.
  • NAP (Name, Address and the Phone Number) needs to be consistent on both your website and the GMB. The details should be the same wherever they appear online.
  • Ensure that your website has the exact map of your location. Keeping the details of your location precise will ensure the success of local SEO. You should also provide information about the store’s opening and closing hours, the driving directions to your premises, have a phone call link for direct calling and add your active social media links.
  • Use distinct web pages if you have different business locations.
  • If you are selling products or services, ensure that they have individual web pages.
  • You should make great use of citations. The citations should be consistent and from high-quality websites.
  • You should have high-quality content
  • Take advantage of business and website reviews to improve the visibility of your business.
  • Finally, use high-resolution images on your profile, as well as the cover photo.

Why is local SEO important?

  • Many local customers use the internet to find local business with mobile use on the rise.
  • The local SEO marketing strategies are highly targeted and even timely
  • There is a high conversion rate for local SEO from all the local advertising channels.
  • Local SEO promises a higher return on investments.
  • There is a huge market gap to be claimed from Google My Business with few adults reading newspapers for information on products and services,
  • The local customers have trust in the online business reviews and local SEO strategies generate more visitors.

What is international SEO?

Besides local SEO, you may also need help with international SEO. International SEO refers to optimization of your website so that it is easily identifiable by search engines in other countries you wish to target, and in the languages, you use for your business.

For this, you have to identify the country or the region to target and then establish the language your pages will target. You have to use internationally recognized URL structures, and tailor your content to target the users’ culture and language.

What is Technical SEO?

Failure to streamline technical SEO can cost you revenue and traffic. While ensuring that on-page SEO elements are well-optimized, we also consider the technicalities of your website and the marketing strategies.

Technical SEO encompasses the creation of content hierarchy for funneling link juice around your website. We also ensure that your website runs on an HTTPS and not HTTP, and also set a canonical URL to ZAP out duplicate content.

As part of technical SEO, our experts will block out spiders from the sensitive content, and use permanent 301 redirects for deleted or moved pages.

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